Painter and sculptor
Rosanne was born in a little village of the eastern townships of Québec, Ascot Corner, in 1958. We noticed from an early age, her love for drawing and painting. Self taught, she later studied, among other things, the history and the techniques of the great masters painters and sculptors of the Renaissance, the impressionnists and the américan artists of the twentieth century. In her forty’s , she attended a class in Philadelphia with a great american master, Nelson Shanks, who painted in his lifetime, the portraits of many Predidents of the United-States, that are part of the collection of the White House, as well as many celebrities of the wordls such as the Pope John Paul 2, Lady Diana, Pavarotti, to name a few.

Rosanne has earned several medals and special mentions at internationnal art competitions. Her artist background and approach was often mentionned in many important canadian newspapers , magazins and books. Her artworks are part of private collections all around the world. Some of her paintings and illustrations were chosen for the cover of books, CD and Posters some other were selected for special editions and for promotions. Her sculptures are sold in Canada and in the United-States, some of which more than a hundred models in bronze are used for the purpose of funeral urns. Formed as a portrait artist, she lately realised the portraits of famous hockey players in bas-relief, cast in bronze. These sculptures are part of the Bell Center’s hall of fame of Montreal.

Paintings and murals are made primarily with oils, but with her 40 years of experience, Rosanne has mastered all sorts of mediums, such as watercolor, pastels, acrylics etc… Her sculptures in bas-relief, haut-relief et rond de bosse are shaped into clay either water-based or oiled-based as needed to be next casted in bronze, zinc, compressed stone, resin, hydrostone or dolomite.

The artist’s works of art invite us into a world where reigns the joy of living, filled with light. They reflect daily life where the viewer can recognize himself, wether it’s childhood memories or a state of mind dear to our heart and that stimulates our imagination. What distinguishhes the artist, part from her original subjects, are the luminosity of her colors, the narrative generosity and her realistic style with a great attention to details. Lately she mixed painting and sculpting in the same piece of art which was a success. Each painting and sculpture is a product of historical easthetic and plastic research which she is very carefull to express with deep emotion. Her primary goal is to share her inexhaustible inspiration and above all to touch the sensitivity of the soul, the heart.

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